I would like to start this Blog Post by saying that I’m not psychologist by any means.

By now, we are all somehow affected by Covid-19 Pandemic, either directly or indirectly. Thankfully, In my personal experience only indirect effects have occurred so far.

When Covid-19 firstly appeared in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I was at career crossroad. As a young lawyer, I was searching for new job opportunities. After several failures I managed to find my luck which I’m very thankful of. But for now, I would like to put that story behind and highlight what I was experiencing in my mind.

There is no doubt that Pandemic have brought to us many uncertainties which leads us to the phenomenon of fear from unknown. In the state of a global fright, caused by “invisible terrorist” as I like to refer to Covid- 19, I was not spared of its “terror”. Many questions and worst scenarios went through my mind. It was very hard for me to go back to my normal routine and mindset. I felt like I was mentally drained by watching and reading on rather traumatic news. So I desperately searched for “little moments of escape” by using various social platforms. Little did I know, that social platforms would bring me more anxiety than watching TV news that were full of scary facts on Covid-19.

Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, the list goes on, casually promoted all kinds of webinars, online workshops, language courses etc. as it’s completely normal for human beings to switch “from fearful state of mind” to “open for new possibilities state of mind”.

I am writing on this topic because I know that not only me, but a lot of my friends and colleagues felt anxiety and under pressure just because we weren’t in that group of people who could focus on learning new things in a lockdown situation.

If you felt the same thing or you still experience it, all I want for you is to know that you are not alone! It took me for a while to accept the fact that it’s completely OK if you do the “bare minimum” of e.g. cleaning your apartment, preparing yourself a meal or simply walking your dog. Anyone’s response to frightfull situations isn’t the same, and if you take more time to find balance and inner clarity, that’s totally fine. In the era of constant competitions when comparing yourself to others people standards is almost inevitable, you should find your own path and embrace it.

Written by: Amil Brković

LDA Mostar