YAMNFL Manual  titled ”A compendium of competences, tips and tricks to become the ultimate ambassador of non formal learning” wants to provide tips, ideas, and practical tools for youngsters willing to take and act in the role of Youth Ambassadors of Non Formal Learning. The Manual is one of the main outputs of the project, as it represents the way to get prepared to act directly with young people to inspire them and guide them in the participation to Non Formal Learning based activities, providing them information on their actual impact and how they can get benefits from them, including social and formal recognition of the competences they can gain. The manual contains different sections that can be useful, in various ways, to prepare a young, motivated person to be ready to take the lead of dedicated activities for peer-to-peer education using Non Formal Education methodology. This includes:

  • Details about Non Formal Education, its meaning and concepts
  • Ideas, examples and updates about recognition of NFL in different countries and contexts
  • Assets, values and competences needed to be a good Youth Ambassador
  • Ideas on how to attract young people and what target groups to direct activities to
  • Ideas on possible activities to pass on concepts related with NFL and its recognition and validation

Check out the MANUAL in English , Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian , Slovenian , Bulgarian , Albanian, Greek, Italian, Montenegrin, North Macedonian, Serbian and Turkish.